Brain Checker

Our IQ is made up of 7 key cognitive skills.  Each of us has a unique cognitive profile that gives us our strengths and weaknesses.  

Brain Checker Programme

The program offers a cognitive skills-ups to convert our weakness into strength. 

Brain Checker is a career counselling, where our consulting experts will identify your child’s in born talents and guide to channelise your child’s career path in the right direction. Through unparallel scientific testing and assessment like MIT (Multiple Intelligence Assessment), CIQT (Calibre Intelligence Quotient Test), map a successful career path for your child.

In the Multiple Intelligence Assessment, the dematoglyphics testing program can help you find the answers to the following:

Does my child have any special talent?
Does my child have a creative bent of mind?
Is my child more intelligent than I can comprehend?
What activity does my child enjoy being engaged in?
Is my child auditory, visual or Kinaesthetic learner?
Is my child’s thinking style motive or reflective?

CIQT (Calibre Intelligence Quotient Test) provides the parents with an in-depth understanding of their child’s current academic Calibre which in turn helps in sorting of compatible career choices.

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What our clients say...

Excellent course. most tallented teacher. very impressed by child's performance thanks to Ideal play abacus
James Andrew
Instructors at Idael Play Abacus are friendly. My child has developed Interest in maths and his school performance has increased significantly
Vijay Baroda



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